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Sunny Saturdays and a blind lady

I love Saturdays.. They always seem to be sunny, no matter the weather. Everyone needs one day off a week that is different from the rest. A day that allows you to chill out. It’s good for the soul. I get to write songs, blog, plan music videos and stay in my slippers most of the day. What’s your day off like?

So, today I’ve been finishing off a song I’ve been working on, which I’m kinda buzzing about because it was based on a weird and wonderful moment the guys and I witnessed a years ago..

A gig – May 2013. We were still waiting to play. The show was a competition to play a festival. Thankfully not based on how many people you can bring, but the music itself. Naturally, it was difficult to fully appreciate the music when you feel like you’re against each other in a fight for the right to play the festival. But the other acts were great and I was feeling tired and a little discouraged and all I could think about was how to ‘impress’ the judges.

It was safe to say I was just focusing on myself, until I caught sight of a lady who obviously blind. But the first thing I noticed about her was the fact that she seemed really happy. Well, not just happy, but joyful. She seemed the only person in the room that was truly enjoying being alive. Yet she was blind. She saw nothing.

But it was beautiful.

Why? I had no idea at first. I wanted to pity her. She’s never seen a sunset, or new born baby! Yet.. I wanted what she had. A joy that didn’t faulter when she was judged or treated differently.. A joy that can only come from a sense of unconditional love and the unwavering expectation that everything will be ok.

Being blind, she misses out on all the magazines, newspapers and blogs filled with the media’s idea on what a woman needs to look like to be accepted in society. We really are fed some rubbish from the media.. She misses out on the expectations put on her to try to be something.

She didn’t need to try to be anything.. She was just her. It was like she knew that more then anyone in the room. She was herself, and that made her beautiful.

Why would you settle for anything less?!

I started asking myself again – Who am I? Why am I here? And for what purpose? Questions it seemed she’d know the answers to, but sometimes admittedly scared to ask myself.

What would you say?

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