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It’s already the third week of January, and the Christmas break now seems a distant memory.

Over too soon, but I was blessed to get a few days to myself. As my head has been in a bit of a whirl recently, I thought of taking on the gargantuan task of sorting through the last remaining junk room in the house would be useful. It had once been my ‘Man Room’, but steadily collected junk during 2017 as it whizzed by. Three days of endless clearing, throwing, sorting, I’ve finally reclaimed it.

Ahh.. It’s flippin’ awesome. A little place to sit, write, play my guitar. Around me now are things that inspire me, memories, pictures and books. And it’s from here now that I write this blog lifted from today’s journal entry.

I’ve never kept a journal before. It’s been my aim to start one for years and just never got round to it. I’m hoping it’ll help me to catch and hold onto the moments of the day and process them. As I have a nasty habit of overthinking things. I hope it’ll help me creatively too. We’ll see..

Anyways, already 15 days on through the year, the lights, the chocolates and other remnants of Christmas are gone. Our mechanical cogs after a moan, start to sync with the machine world routine once again. Life yanks back into gear and starts to pull forward, and whatever dreamy thoughts to on new years day got left behind as I ran to keep up.

Things already seem less clear and a little more uncertain. Not knowing how things are gonna turn out when out on a limb is hard.

But looking back to my first journal entry on new years eve, amongst the splurdge of mess, I wrote underling and circling the words:

“LET GO of the things you cannot control”

It’s easy to say. Easy to forget. But when I’m centered on who I am and what I can do and change, just accepting that it is, what it is. What will be, will be. It’s pretty darn freeing, and empowering.

But that requires an active choice. I’ve coasted through from day to day with constant nagging worries tugging on my mind. What a waste. Steadily just leaking energy till I eventually drop.

Better to use that energy doing what we love, what we CAN change and keep believing.

I truly hope that 2018 is all you want and need it to be.

For Speak, Brother it’s the year of the Album. The year we finally get to share it with the world. Who know’s what’s gonna happen..

Onwards into the deeper unknown!

Speak soon,


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