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EP Preview – Track #4 Two Bands Of Gold

Well we’re almost at the end of our short series of previews of songs on the EP which means the EP release is just around the corner! Next Monday (November 3rd) in fact.

Two Bands of Gold rounds off the EP in the complete opposite way it started. Dry Bones is big and anthemic, but this.. I guess is a bit more face to face.

I’m not going to talk too much about the story as I’d like to let the song do that but it’s quite close to my heart as it’s about my grandparents, so I’ll share a little.

Things are things always changing in our lives. And I wrote this song in the middle of a transitional point, from one season to another. My Grandad had not long passed away and my Nan was adapting to living alone. I can’t imagine how hard it’d be for her. To live on your own after sharing a life with someone for most of your life.. On the flipside to that, I was also planning on proposing to my girlfriend.

I suppose the odd mix of feelings led me to think a little more on the meaning of marriage and how great, but also how hard, it can be. So this is a story about them and a celebration of love. Not a soppy love that looks like proper love, but really only wants to get something from the other person.. But a love that overlooks faults, with no conditions and just wants to give and give. You know, the proper stuff. The real Mckoy.. One year married now, and it’s a learning curve for sure with plenty of up’s and down’s already, but this song is a good reminder for me.

But anyways.. here’s a clip of what’s to come on Monday:


Athi Mgqibelo says:


For some years I have been listening to the three songs; dry bones, two bands of gold and we grow, and I love these tracks. Thank you for them.

But I hve been struggling to lyrics for any one of them online. Please help me with the lyrics for all of the songs above if possible.

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