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Adventures? Nasty, disturbing, uncomfortable things. Make you late for dinner!

The song ‘Magnesium Burn’ came out last week and I felt inspired to pen some thoughts after watching the Hobbit 😉

The song comes from a deep well of frustration in my life. And it’s kinda funny how it actually took 9 months to finish writing it (Literally finding the chorus on the last day of pre-production – ureka!).

It’s the choakhold that fear can have on us, that’s often hidden in comfort and safety. I’ve held myself from saying things, doing things or helping people because of the fear of not knowing what would happen.

In being more concerned with keeping safe and comfortable in my own life and personal routine, I feel I’ve become numb to what it means to be human.

I love what David Bowie said when asked about creativity:

“Always go a little further in the water than what you feel you’re capable of being in… When you feel like your feet aren’t quite touching the bottom, you’re just about in the right place to do something exciting”

But David, that is a scary place. Ever remember as a kid learning to swim in the pool. You venture a little out towards the deep end – the furthest you’ve ever been. You’re just about keeping your head above the water and getting a little tired as your limbs are all over the place. Then when kicking your foot down to find the bottom and for the first time the ground doesn’t meet you and your face submerges unexpectedly.. for a second, a flash of fear rushes through you!

Yeh, like you I’ve got ideals and dreams, but day to day it seems better to just autonomously play it safe, stay afloat and hope one day ill make it to the deep end. One day, something will change.

One day..

But maybe now is the time to listen to and act on that yearning in you to test the waters. To explore the boundaries. Run into the unknown, dark places in our lives. Like a child into the tall grass fields. I think it’s in those most uncomfortable places, where we’re just about out of control of the outcome, where we really grow and truly live.

Fear helps us understand the dangers, but it shouldn’t stop us or contain us. Regardless of what fears we have picked up in our lives (of which there are many for me) we all still have that same DNA to be a bit more wild.

For me it’s taking that little risk and of talking to a homeless person, or sharing something personal with someone or letting go of the fear of not achieving my goals or the fear of wondering what people will think of this blog entry…..

But Bilbo Baggins once said..

“Adventures? Nasty, disturbing, uncomfortable things. Make you late for dinner!”

Little did he know he would soon almost become a Troll’s dinner. But it turned out ok for him, in the end.

Speak soon,


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