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"The track slides into view on a gentle melodic mist, being joined soon after by strong ear luring vocals fuelled by emotive richness around intimate words. The ethereal air of the song has a brewing intensity which erupts as guitars and rhythms bring their bold proposals to the indie folk/rock saunter. Every element now in full swing has drama in its veins, suggestive hues in its sound to match the descriptive lyrics being shared with greater expression.

"With a touch of Doves to its driving stroll and almost nagging beauty, the song infests body and spirit; creating a rousing incitement hard to lessen an energetic appetite for let alone tear oneself away from. If Magnificent, a song living up to its title in every sense of the word, is a sign of what we can expect from Young & Brave, Speak, Brother is looking at a mighty 2018 which will start even earlier once the band open up their UK tour later this year."

The RingMaster Review
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"Certainly, the essence of folk washes through their music led by sharp acoustic cuts and strong hooks with even a touch of folk rock edge. However, this supremely tight band also delivers powerful lyrics, an intense anthemic-style and carefully crafted songs that exceed expectations, certainly for a hitherto unheard-of band."

Tim Carroll, Folk Words
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"This EP is stunning. You can tell Speak Brother have spent many long hours honing their songwriting and musical skills to produce these four top quality songs. They have managed to produce an EP to be very proud of."

Jono Davies, LTTM
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"I have been playing their upcoming EP on a loop for the last few days. I know music appeals to people for different reason; some are looking for a certain sound, others like songs that link them to memories, but for me, I love songs that tell me a story.

This might be the reason why I have fallen for Speak, Brother. Their music is full of stories told with passion, authenticity and catchy melodies that you find yourself humming throughout the day.

Whilst Dry Bones is undoubtedly the showstopper, (and is available to download now!) my personal favourite track on the EP is ‘Two Bands of Gold’, it is a beautiful piece; romantic, timeless and triumphant."

Cathy Browne, Creative Kingdom
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"The frontman, James Herring's voice encapsulates the tender vulnerability of Athlete's Joel Pott meeting the rugged, soulfulness of Marcus Mumford. Lyrically, too, Speak Brother's music showcases undeniable potential and poetry. James' ethereal voice carrying his delicate lyricism transports you into his world."

Andrew Townend, Cross Rhythms

"Their music moves you. The honesty in the lyrics is refreshing – it both challenges and inspires the listener. Combined with the driving melodies and infectious hooks, these songs stay with you long after hearing them."

Loretta Andrews, Premier Christian Radio

"Dripping with dynamic melodies, sincere lyrics and a voice full of emotion, 'Dry Bones' makes its mark as a song worth returning to."

Hannah Boren, NoiseTrade

"A piece of class"

Brody Swain, BBC INTRO

"Dripping with dynamic melodies, sincere lyrics and a voice full of emotion"

Hannah Boren, NoiseTrade

"[Speak, Brother] simply sound epic"

Jono, Louder Than The Music