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See for Miles

From birth, she's seen no tree,
nor vast open sea,
Nor witnessed a sunrise.

If you could just see her face,
She walked on by with grace,
With her best friend as her eyes.

Her world was dark, could count no stars,
But she lite up the room.

We found ourselves caught in the light,
of her joy and delight,
She laughed like gold like no one was there.

Unaware of the trends,
No fear of the critics' judgements,
The mirror has no power over her.

It was in her smile, She could see for miles,
She lite up the room.

If we could see, just as she,
That from birth we're all pure beauty,
No need to strive for Love or Joy!

Cause she was free, just to be.
If we could just see, we're all pure beauty