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My Love

My love, she's out late again.
Up town with her friends.. seeking happiness.
a beauty to which none can compare.
Yet all she’s aware, of is how she looks to the next girl.

There's a hole, something lost inside,
She’s found a boy, to fill her heart.
Led by a drink, cheap flattering words, the mind is made up,
But deep down she knows, where this goes.

I cry, Oh my love,
I cry, Oh my love

Here you are, broke again.
Friends just blame, then disappear.
Your every tear, drops next to mine,
I've always been here by your side.

I cry, Ooooh my love,
I cry, Ooooh my love,
I cry

Would you walk with me?
I'll show you what it means to be free
Let's leave the sadness behind
I'll love you for who you are inside

My love, she's out late again,
Seeking love and happiness.