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Break In

What is this fight I'm in?
Who is the enemy anyway?
I'm overthinking, for understanding.
So I've turned out the lights,
No one can see me but I find,
The only one looking in is me.

All the doors are locked, the keys are hard to find..

I want to open up, light will break, break in.
Break up this fight I'm in
Get me out of here.
Vision is short and blurred,
Part of me doesn't wanna leave this hole,
These padded walls have become my home.

A scrap piece of paper,
Ripped and torn, littered with lies,
Is the state of my heart.
You've given me a new way,
To see the day,
A new love, a real love.
To see through, fake truths,
And let them go..

Open up my heart this time,
Break in to this laden stone.